Monday, 16 March 2015


Today came and went in a flurry. 

The morning started early, after too little of sleep.  Within minutes, the boys tore the house apart, pulling every toy off the shelf, spilling milk, and smearing food over the newly washed floors.  We were out of coffee.  I barely made it to 9am when we made it out the door in a desperate plea to pick up drive-through coffee and take the dog to the park where we could let the wild ones run free (toddlers included).  They only want to be outside these days.  Exploring.  Playing.  Running different directions.  Climbing things that are too big for them to climb.

I managed a mad clean of the house during the few moments of afternoon silence, while they napped.  The nap was too short, and teething, overtired, whiny, babies clung to mama for comfort while fighting one another for undivided attention.  We made it outside again for a walk, a few minutes of quiet and peace as my weary body pushed the stroller.  Home to get dinner on the table, feed the babies, bathe them, and finally put them to bed. 

In my mind today, this quote played over and over: "The days are long, but the years are short."

I love and treasure this time we are in.  I know that it won't last forever.  I go to bed exhausted each night, but with a sign of contentment.

There is no other life I would rather be living today. 

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