Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The act of sacrifice

Today my kids are home sick.  It was their preschool day.  The one day of the week, out of 24/7 days a week, where I get a break for 3 precious hours.  Today that is gone. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

We are FOUR!

The goal of reaching the magic age of 4, has been on my horizon for, well, the last four years.  When the twins were little, every veteran twin mom we met would say the words, "Just wait until they are 4.  That's where the good times begin."  Of course, there have been good times before this point, but there is something about the development of twins and how they learn independence and to play with each other, that makes the age of 4 the best yet.  We are still getting to that point lol.  There are some glimpses of that magic, but there also are still power struggles, tantrums, tears and fights.