Sunday, 22 September 2013

Patiently Waiting

How great is it to start up a new blog, and then not post anything new for nearly a month? I wanted to explain my long, overdue absence.

As you may have gathered, we are expecting twins in the coming months. Some unforeseen circumstances have landed me in the hospital on bed rest. It has been nearly one month, and there is still one month to go, unless these babies decide to grace us with their presence sooner. Unfortunately, this hospital does not have Wifi, nor do I have much ability to create, make, and enjoy the beauty in life from one hospital room. This means that, for now, I take a small hiatus from blogging. I may be transferred to a different hospital with internet access, and if my creativity resumes I will post from there. Otherwise, we simply await the arrival of our precious, little "twin foxes"... Coming soon!