Thursday, 26 May 2016

2 1/2 Year-Old Twins' Schedule

Following my last post on keeping toddlers busy, I wanted to share what our current schedule looks like on a typical day.  We set a general schedule once they were close to a year old and we really haven't wavered much since then.  It is so true that little people thrive on routine and I have found that is one of our saving graces.  When we shift from our schedule, we better be prepared for the challenges that will follow!

7:00 Wake-up time!  This is the time I have our Gro-Clock set to tell the boys it's okay to get up, but they are often usually awake between 6:30/6:45.  This gives me a few minutes to slip into a shower before the chaos.

7:00 Cup of milk and maybe a snack if they are just starving ;)

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Free play.  I usually set out imaginative toys for the morning as I find they tend to play quite well on their own first thing.  During this time, I clean up breakfast dishes and finish getting myself ready

8:30 Get dressed/Ready for the day, while playing, and going potty, and cleaning up spilled ___(you fill in the blank), and jumping on dad in bed...

9:00 TV Show (usually Paw Patrol) to allow me the last few minutes to scrounge up whatever we need in order to head out for the morning

9:30 Outside!  This almost always involves a park stop at some point (or the beach, or a trail) as well as any scheduled classes we have planned (music class, baby gymnastics, Strong Start), or any errands that I need to get done

11:30 Home and free play, while I prepare lunch.  I still can't believe how obsessed our little boys are with cars and trucks and garbage trucks and fire trucks.

12:00 Lunchtime

12:30 Quiet time, Stories and snuggles

1:00 Naptime: My favorite time of day!  I use this time to clean up the house, do any dinner prep that is above and beyond what I can get done later on, do chores, bake muffins, and do my workout.  Oh, and occasionally I take a nap too!  This is my most precious time of the day... all alone!

2:30/3:00 Wake up and snack

3:30 Playtime - Sometimes I will have a specific activity set out for learning, or we will go out to the backyard to play outside and tend the garden, or we will even head out with the dog for a walk and stop at a park again

4:30 Home/Inside to make supper.  If hubby is home, he will often keep them entertained or I may throw on another show or music to keep them occupied while I cook

5/5:30 Suppertime

6:00 Crazy hour begins!  It's like they sense that bedtime is coming and they make a mad dash to get out all the residual energy that is left.  This means: running up and down the hallways, using their giant moose as a crash pad to jump off the stool onto, wrestling with dad, or heading down to the jam space to bang the drums and piano to their heart's content.

6:30 Bath, PJ's, milk and books

7:00 Bedtime (though currently when they have a good nap, they don't fall asleep until 8/8:30... but it still is nice to banish them to beds haha)

I finish up the cleanup, and any last chores that didn't get done, and usually crash with a cup of tea and my computer by 8/8:30.  Or, if I have any energy I'll get out for an evening walk.

And there you have it.  My day in a nutshell!  I didn't mention in the meltdowns/tantrums/sharing wars/extra hugs/kisses on owies/snuggles that go along with taking care of 2 two-year-olds... but you can imagine what that is like.

Anyone have any tips/thoughts/suggestions to share?  What is your schedule like with little ones at home?

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Garden Tour

Today I thought I would share a peek of my garden.  It truly is a work in progress, so don't get too excited.  I have had such fun in spending the time to finally build a working garden.  There really is something  incredible about working outdoors and transforming a bland space into something beautiful and useful.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

On Working and Motherhood

This post has been mulling in my mind for a while, and may still be in development in the future.  For now, I'll just share the random thoughts that have been building in my head.  Tomorrow I'm back to work after a 2 week break while hubby was away.  As exhausting as it was, it was nice to just be at home.

Working.  Being a stay-at-home mom.  Doing both...

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Feeling pretty

Rather than writing much today, I felt like sharing some pretty pictures to brighten the day.