Tuesday, 22 May 2018

New Beginnings

The Kangs are going on an adventure!  A permanent adventure, at that.  We are moving to Calgary!

My husband, Daniel, has accepted a position of lead pastor at an Alliance Church in Southeast Calgary.  It is kind of crazy, right?  I think I am still in shock about it all.

Let me tell you a bit about how we came to this decision.  I will say, this is probably one of the biggest and hardest decisions we have ever made.  Dan and I travelled to Calgary a few weeks ago to meet the church, and interview and see the city.  After such a long winter, Calgary was not the most beautiful place I have seen.  In fact, it was really quite ugly haha.  The snow had JUST melted a week prior, so the ground was brown and dead and nothing was in bloom on the trees yet.  The city is HUGE and still expanding, so everywhere you look there is a sea of houses.  It was such a drastic contrast to "green" life here on Vancouver Island.

However, the city itself seems cool and has a lot of features we loved.  And when we met the people at the church, we knew that was it.  The church is predominantly a Filipino church, with a desire to expand more multi-culturally.  That's where we come in.  Dan has had a dream of ministering as a pastor in a multi-cultural city setting for a number of years.  Over the past year, this vision has been growing and we started to explore different jobs.  We didn't expect that our search would lead us to Calgary, but it has.  Dan is also able to complete his Master's Degree, as the Alliance university is right in the city.  One of our other priorities is to give our children the chance to grow up amongst different cultures.  That can happen on a small scale in Comox, but it is quite limited in terms of opportunities.  We are excited to have them grow up in one of the fastest growing immigrant cities in Canada!

It is going to be heart-wrenchingly sad to leave our lives here.  Of course, I am an "island-girl" at heart.  I've had one foot on the island since I moved here at age 3.  More than that, though, this is our first real home.  Dan and I moved here 5 years into our marriage and bought our first home.  We brought home our fur-baby Kaya, and had many adventures with her.  We struggled through a long battle of infertility.  We said hello and goodbye and lived life with SO many people - homestay students, roommates, brothers and sisters in the faith, friends, and family!  And this is the place where we first brought our beautiful baby boys home to.

Our future ahead is still uncertain.  We don't know yet where we will live. I don't know where I will work.  The kids will start Kindergarten in a new city with all new friends.  And yet, we believe without a shadow of a doubt that God has orchestrated this down to the last detail.  We are stepping out in faith, following the call on our hearts to proclaim His name to the nations.

Wow, so there it is.  I still can't believe this is actually happening.  Like I said, my soul is still in shock as I start to experience the range of emotions this move brings with it.  I plan to write about our journey and our new adventures, probably in a new blog, so I'll keep you posted! 

To the adventure ahead!