Monday, 20 October 2014

The Wild Rumpus!

The twins turned ONE this past weekend.  We had a wild rumpus party to celebrate!!!  The party was a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme combined with aspects of a traditional Korean first "dol" party.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Welcome to the wild rumpus!

Guests arrived to a welcome table and were given a few tasks to complete.

One of the Korean customs is a game in which the baby chooses their future "destiny."  As guests entered, they were given a raffle ticket to guess what they thought the boys would choose to be.  These were the options our boys were presented with.

The head table was the center piece of the party.  The candy towers are a modern twist on "dol" towers.  The cake was a vanilla butter cream made by a local artisan bakery.

My dear sister-in-law is a designer and helped us with ALL of the decorations.  She did a fabulous job capturing the Korean culture as well as aspects of the Wild Things theme.

Of course, there was food and lots of cake!

As guests arrived, they made their choices!

Finally, the fashionably late arrival of the birthday boys (with their grandparents).  The boys wore the traditional Korean "hanbok."

Final touches

A great friend of ours agreed to do photography for us.  Since we haven't done any professional photos with the boys, this was a great excuse to capture the family all together.

The Kang grandparents (halmoni and halabaji) and my brother and sister-in-law

The Freeman grandparents

Brothers, best buds and twins!

The boys friend (Uncle Willy) shares the same birthday.  Celebrations all around!

 And, of course, we had playtime!  There was a baby corner, which was quite a hit (but we didn't capture too many pictures of the little party'ers there).

 My adorable, precious boys feeling the love.

A highlight of the party was when the boys chose their future "destiny."  A lineup of toys representing the choices was set out and the boys were released to choose one.  The first one they picked up indicated their choice.  Rivers went first.  

He had no hesitation and instantly picked up the toy guitar.  

Our little entertainer!

Micah went next and took his time making his choice.

His first instinct was to grab the pencil, but then he stopped, fooling us all.

Still thinking...

And... he makes his choice.

Our little scholar

Ever since the party, Rivers won't even let Micah touch "his" guitar.  Wants to be just like dad.

We also had a baby dedication during the party, done by my father.

Followed by a prayer of blessing by Dan's father

And... the party continues!


Time for cake!

Rivers wasn't quite sure about the "healthy" carrot cake with cream cheese icing

But Micah had no problem digging right in!

On the way out, guests received a "monster cookie" goody bag with a catchphrase from Where the Wild Things Are: "I'll eat you up, I love you so."

And with that, the party was done! My boys have turned one, and I couldn't have asked for a better party to celebrate the best year of my life.  Happy first Birthday my little twin foxes!