Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Life by the sea

This week the sun came out.  After being cooped up with rain and rain and more rain for weeks, we did the only logical thing... we went outside.  Life on Vancouver island is pretty spectacular.  When it rains, it rains.  But when the sun comes out, it just wipes all the blues away and you are filled with a sense of awe and wonder at how magnificent this place really is.

The boys have just learned to walk in their rain boots, so exploring the outdoors is a great new adventure.  We decided to head to our favorite beach, Air Force Beach.  It is a long, sandy beach, overlooking the Juan de Fuca strait across to Powell River.  It is gorgeous!  We put the boys in Ergos as you can walk quite far, and then let them out to play while the dog ran around.  They loved it!  For sure, it will be nicer when the weather is warmer and we can let them splash and get wet.

For west coast babies, it was a perfect introduction to the beach!

(Pictures are courtesy of my hubby and his new FujiXt1 camera)

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