Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Command Center - Organization Time

Since we've been talking about organization, I wanted to share one other project I've been working on since the New Year began.  I apologize, I couldn't get the lighting right for my photos and it just doesn't look quite the way I want it to.  Definitely not magazine worthy!  But this is about reality and functionality, right?  So here you go!

My final project was to create a clean, well-functioning command center station in the kitchen!  I've tried to create a space before, but it wasn't working as effectively as I had hoped. 

The most important piece was a place to keep papers that are "on-the-go."  I tried to have a binder for this before, but it was too big on the counter and I hated flipping through the pages and filing things away.  So as I looked on Pinterest (another of my favorite places!) and I found these desk organizers that you can pick up at Walmart or Target.  Perfect!  I picked up some chalkboard labels and now have a handy spot to keep stuff on the go.   The trick is to file mail as soon as I receive it, rather than letting  it pile up.

 I still keep the binder on the shelf below for filing things such as restaurant menus, recipes to try, etc. 

I also keep an accordion file-folder for things I need to file close at hand.  This includes things like Costco receipts, medical prescriptions/files, and community resources.  I have a larger file box that I file other things in about once a month (usually bill paying time). 

One of the other most important things is a good, functional calendar. This is always once of my biggest dilemmas!  I want a calendar that can do everything!  After looking and looking for the perfect one, I decided I needed to have two, haha.  I picked up a popular "mom's" calendar for the wall.  It has lots of space for writing and comes with stickers, which make it fun.  I love to be able to see the month as a whole and anticipate what is coming up.

But I also love a weekly view with room to write notes and meals and things like that.  I searched and searched and finally I was over at my mom's house and realized that calendar I love is the one that she has always used.  Of course it is!  You don't realize how influenced you are by the way you have been raised haha!   I love this Polestar calendar because it allows space for meals, grocery lists, to-do lists and more!  I use this one every day. The front page also has a pocket where I plan to keep budgeting items and receipts so we can better keep track of spending.

On the wall is a great magnetic whiteboard I picked up at Staples a while back.  Perfect for reminders of appointments you don't want to miss!

And that's about it!  It was fun to put together.  I'm still working out things to change and adapt here and there, but I think it will work pretty well.  What do you think?  Will I be able to stay organized now???

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