Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!

My, how fast this season moves along.  I feel like I spent all of November telling it to hurry up to become December, and suddenly December is here and now Christmas is 5 days away.  Before the time sweeps past us, I wanted to stop for a minute to share a glimpse into our lives.

The past month has been full of the same day-to-day as usual, but we have tried to bring some special moments in to set apart the Christmas season from the rest of the year.  We have decorated, made cookies, gone to Christmas parties, and even played in the snow (for a day or two before it got too cold, and then warmed up and got rained away).  We have been trying to teach our children the "real" meaning of Christmas, though it is hard for them to see amidst the bombardment of Santa and decorations.  Next year, when the kids are at an age better for understanding, I want to focus more on the reason for the season, but for now, we will enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Probably my most favorite part of Christmas is creating a cozy, magical home to spend the long evenings in.  I have found this season it is hard to get out of the house more and more, and once we are home for the afternoon, I put on my comfy pants and don't want to leave again.  We have spent many evenings by the Christmas lights, drinking tea and snuggling down with Christmas tunes.

I realized quickly into the season that my high expectations of a gorgeous Christmas home full of handmade decorations was not to come to fruition with twin toddlers, 3 teenagers and a border collie in the home.

Up close, my tree is far from perfect and there are constantly needles bumped to the ground from little bodies running around.

My decor has remained simply pine branches, white lights, and spraypainted pinecones (the only "crafty" thing I was able to fit in this year).  But, it works!

I love the Christmas season.  With just a few days to go, we have a few presents to wrap, a few things to tie up (oh yeah, I need to get a turkey!), and then we are full on into the celebrations.  We will spend the time fairly low key with church services, small family gathering with turkey dinner and then a week of chill (as much as you can with toddlers running around).  I hope we can get to the mountain for some snowshoeing and sledding.  We will also celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary this year, and then it will be 2017.  I promise I'll share some photos after the festivities are all done.

Until then, may you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the special time with your loved ones.  XOXO

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