Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A little splurge

Okay guys, I know I haven't been writing regularly, but let me tell you... the toddlers are out in full force!  The terrible twos are the REAL DEAL!  Meaning, that by the end of the day I crash on the couch and am pretty much too exhausted to put thought into anything at all.

So for now, I'll keep it light and simple.

We made a splurge!  (Don't ask if that is even a real sentence... I told you, I'm brain dead past 7pm).

One of my favorite local home businesses, The Rugged Rooster, makes and sells the most beautiful rustic furniture.  Like, seriously, everything they make is drool worthy.  I have been coveting one of their king beds ever since I first laid eyes on them but, alas, that is a purchase for another day.

However, recently they posted this coffee table for sale, and I knew that I had to have it!  In 10 years of marriage, we have never bought a real coffee table.  We sufficed on something pretty close to boxes with a piece of board on top when we were first married, then moved up to a Craigslist purchase, but never actually chose a table we loved.  Since having kids, the criteria for a coffee table changed slightly.  It needed to be:
Functional - with space to hold lots of toys/books/snacks/pretty much everything and anything that ends up on the table in a house of toddlers
Kid proof/safe - so that every spill or toy wouldn't ruin the wood, and so that sharp edges wouldn't hurt the kids
A good size - with room under for toys or baskets
Good looking - well of course!
Bonus points - Local and handmade - hooray!

So, without further ado, here is our beloved table purchased from Rugged Rooster Creations

What do you think?  I'm still looking for the perfect table toppers but for now the forsythia flowers brighten the room with a glow of spring.  I'm so in love.  It's the perfect place to relax at the end of a busy, toddler-filled day.


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  2. It looks AMAZING!!!! You killed it. Your home is so so pretty... and yes. I swear blogging should me getting thoughts out, not making sense.. because I swear I don't make sense either ;)
    Can I repost on our Instagram?

    1. Of course Jessica! And thank you for the lovely compliment.