Monday, 4 January 2016

About Me


As I come back to the world of blogging, I thought it might be helpful to share a more in-depth look at who I am.  It's that time of year where a little introspection is a good thing, and as I hope to use this blog to write more personally, I thought it would be good for me to share about myself. (I must say, it's a little scary posting all about yourself but if I want this place to be more honest and true to who I am, what better place to start?)

I was brought up in a small town on Vancouver Island from the time I started school until I graduated.  I come from a pretty standard Canadian family with European roots, and was raised as a Christian.  I would say that my upbringing and childhood has greatly influenced who I am to this day.

I find the concept of personality very fascinating (did I mention that I am a psychological counsellor?).  I would say that I am a pretty happy, contented, quiet (but not shy) individual.  The Myers-Briggs test marks me as an ISFJ (Introvert, sensing, feeling, judgment personality style).  I am fairly easy to get along with, and don't tend to have conflict with too many people.  I am very conscious of other people's feelings, and try to be compassionate and encouraging to those I would call friends.

Friends... let's stop there for a minute.  I am definitely the kind of person that keeps a few people very close and very deep.  I don't spread myself thin with friends, but once you are "in" you are in for good.  I am loyal, almost to a fault, as there have been times I have found myself hurt by others who are not as invested in the friendship, but it is hard for me to leave those friendships.  Still, I like to have a good time and enjoy my social life, but only if I have first had my alone time to recharge. Oh! What's that now?  That sounds a bit like an introvert...

Yes, I am an introvert in every sense of the word.  And I am a homebody.  I love, love, love being at home.  When I am away (even for a few hours), I breathe a big sigh of relief as soon as I enter my doors.  I love doing things for my home.  It gives me great joy to clean, decorate, bake, cook and make things to make my home function.

You may have also guessed that I'm also a romantic.  Not in the gushy mushy sense of trashy romance novels... but I love beautiful things.  I love stories of love and gestures of love, both small and large.  But mostly I love things and places that echo romance: The wild roaring oceans of Tofino, huddled up in a cabin by a cozy fire; A countryside cottage with stonework walls, surrounded by wild roses; A comfy bedroom with a plush white down duvet and mountains of pillows, lit only by the glow of strings of white lights; Picnics by the sea, made of bread, cheese, wine and fruit; Roadtrips in a VW van, stargazing at night through the dim of a tent.

If my husband is reading this, by now he is definitely rolling his eyes and making fun of me for all my talk of "old haunts."  But I mention these things, because they truly define a part of who I am.  I feel beauty deeply, and my joy comes from finding beauty in my everyday life.  For example:

I love boiling the kettle and making a cup of tea.
I love walks down the trail by my house with the ocean as the final destination.
I love camping under the stars.
I love listening to live music that beats to the very core of your soul.
I love wearing dresses.
I love drinking a fresh cup of espresso.
I love snuggling into clean, freshly washed sheets.
I love watching my sheets drying on the line in the sunshine.
I love waking up to a quiet house and being the first one up.
I love homemade fresh baked bread.
I love Anne of Green Gables.
I love organizing things.
And I love traditions.

For me, life revolves around traditions.  I mark time from one tradition to the next.  My life moves with the seasons and is marked by the moments I endeavour to remember and celebrate each year.  I don't know why I am that way... but that is just who I am.

Well, by now, you pretty much know all there is to know about me... just bear with me for a few more minutes...

As far as family life goes, I've been married to my hubby (and best friend) for 10 years now (wow!).  He is second-generation Korean (in case you were wondering).  We've lived in our current home for 5 1/2 years, which is the longest we have lived anywhere.  We have two busy/crazy/noisy/demanding/incredible/awesome twin two-year old boys who pretty much run our life at the moment.  We struggled for nearly 7 years of infertility before they were born.  We are the senior pastoral couple at a church in our town.  We own a great border collie dog.  We live a 10 minutes walk from the ocean in our first self-owned home.

So, there you have it.  Nice to "meet" you!  I am really excited to share more about my thoughts and the things I find important, and my opinions or questions about life.  Thank you for stopping by and sharing in a little piece of my life here.


  1. I love all of this! What a beautifully written post, and as I read I nodded along as that truly is you, and I have so treasured getting to know you & our budding friendship. Can't wait to read more of your blogs, as they are always an encouragement & bring a smile to my day.

  2. I loved reading this .. Intro to Sarah. I can hear you talking when reading this. Oh I hear two boys running behind you as well. Very well written and I look forward to reading the next chapter.