Tuesday, 12 January 2016

21 Day Fix

To kick off this year, I was offered a chance to join a group of friends in completing the 21 Day Fix together.  If you haven't heard of 21 Day Fix, it is essentially a 21 day workout and meal eating plan with accountability.  I'll tell you... I am the last person you would normally find doing a "fad" workout plan, so this is in no way a sales pitch!  I am, however, interested in holistic living and find that all too often I will eat more junk than I mean to, simply because I'm not aware of what I am putting into my body.  Over the past 10 years (yes, it takes a long time to change habits), I have grown in knowledge about how to feed and treat my body.  A lot of that has been lost (or maybe put on the sidelines) since the babies came along, simply due to survival mode and trying to feed a family of 6 (exchange students included) on a budget.  I also find it too easy to slip back into old habits and sometimes a drastic change can help level things out once again.  Enter... the 21 Day Fix...

I'm not an extremist by any means, but I can be quite disciplined if I want to.  I am excited to try out this program, simply because it involves discipline in eating, daily exercise, and a group of friends holding me accountable.  

So, for anyone who's interested, I will be sharing a few posts about my experience and what I am learning and maybe some helpful tips.  I'm only 2 days in, and I'm excited to see where this goes.  

First off, my main prep came from doing a super healthy BIG shop to stock up on essentials.  Here it is!  

My list included the following:
Fruit and veggies: Apples, cantaloupe, kiwi, bananna, cucumber, lettuce, kale mix, green peppers, squash, root veggies, carrots, celery, avocado, oranges, lemon
Grains: Quinoa, cous-cous, whole wheat tortillas, spinach pasta
Meats: Turkey, chicken breast, turkey bacon
Fats/Cheese/Dairy: Ricotta, cheddar, almond butter, cashews, hummus, coconut milk, greek yogurt, almond milk

Also, around the house I already had other staples, such as: frozen meat (pork and chicken), edamame, coconut oil, brown rice, spices, butternut squash, soup stock, etc.

I'll hope to share some recipes and meal ideas as I go along.  I already made the double chocolate cookies in case of dire need of a treat, but so far I've only had a small bite to taste.  Wish me luck!  

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