Monday, 1 September 2014


This summer I missed strawberry season (my favourite!), but we decided to go raspberry picking instead.

I never really loved raspberries.  Likely it is because I was scarred when my BFF and I tried to make raspberry juice by adding tons of sugar to unripe raspberries when we were kids.  This year, however, I awoke a new passion for them by trying out some new recipes.

The raspberry lemon bars were good, but they needed to be eating right away to avoid getting soggy. I also made raspberry "breakfast" bars, which were gobbled up pretty quickly.  Of course, I saved some in the freezer to make jam with, when I do have a chance to make jam.  By far, though, my favorite new recipe was raspberry cordial.

Of course, I took inspiration from Anne of Green Gables, and followed this recipe inspired from the book.  Oh my it was delicious!  This quickly became my summer drink of choice, mixed with a cup of ice and sparkling water.  It is a perfect combination of sweet and refreshing.  Yum!

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