Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Spring Break

Unlike the rest of Canada, we in BC have hit spring.  The daffodils have appeared, the magnolia tree has bloomed, cherry blossom scent fills the air, and the rain is falling, falling, falling.  As much as I am tired of the grey, I think that by April, I'm happier to have rain and green grass and flowers, than snow like rest of the country.  This has been a long winter for Canada.

We just had a wonderful, busy, full Easter and spring holiday.  Our Easter is always full of lots of church services and gathering with friends and family.  After we finished our last service on Sunday, we took off down island to visit with some extended family in Victoria.  It was lovely!  We ate lots of food, visited the famous petting zoo (which I still remember from my childhood),  saw a castle, and just sat around sharing family stories.  After that just our family took off to the west coast of Vancouver Island to tuck away at a little Air BnB for a couple of nights.  It was all quite rainy, but we ventured out to the beaches, watched movies, and cuddled up in bed with books (while the kids watched Disney channels we don't get at home).

What I hadn't counted on is what it would be like to be around my kids for 24/7 for two weeks straight!  I am used to the breaks of work, preschool, and having my parents around to offload them for a while.  That was all absent for the past two weeks and by the end of the two weeks, we were ALL ready for a break from one another lol.  Today I am extra savouring my precious time alone.

In other news, we finally, finally are almost ready to start planting things in our garden.  I found time to put up a fence so the dog (and neighbour's cat) stay out of the garden while the seeds are getting established. I need to plant grass in one corner, and I need to relay the bark chips around the garden.  Then we can plant!  I am so excited.  This year especially I am finding peace and solitude in working out in the yard.  It is my happy place. 

I also have an idea, which I can't believe I haven't thought of until now!  I am going to start to put together a travel journal, writing and sharing about all the places in the world I have visited.  I am not a huge world traveler, but when I sit down to think about it, I have actually made it to see a lot of interesting places.  I would love a chance to share and write about my experiences.  Anyone have any tips/ideas on a good format/way to start a travel journal??? 

So there's our "spring" break in a nutshell.  Now we're halfway into April... let's bring on the SUNSHINE please!!! 

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