Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A Day in the Life: Wednesday

I decided to share a few posts of "A Day in the Life."  Previously I have written these as schedules, just outlining how we were using our time with young twins.  These new posts are more descriptions of the insanity madness reality of what parenting twins is like.  I'll post a couple over the next few days to give a glimpse into our lives.  Happy reading!  

Today I felt like a mom. If you're wondering what I mean by that, allow me to explain.

My "alarm" woke me up prematurely, as the kids messed with their toddler clock and came into the room at 6:30 announcing that the sun was up (when they are not normally allowed to come out until 7:30). The morning chaos ensued with breakfast, dishes, potty breaks, and getting dressed. We had some time to kill before swimming, so we did a craft. This involved constant supervision and help and turned into a painting activity, which required greater cleanup. We had a snack on the deck. Once we were done it was time to dash off to swimming lessons. Out the door (no makeup, clothes thrown on), snacks packed, kids in swimsuits, potty break, into the pool = check. I swam laps while they swam with their teacher. After the pool it was home to scramble for food for lunch before their growling tummies became grumpy. RJ had been unusually lethargic, and I had brushed it away as tiredness from a big day out yesterday, but when we came home he was begging me to go for nap. I checked his temperature and he had a high fever of 103. Tylenol and into bed right away. MJ and I ate lunch and played and read stories, then I tucked him in, hoping to shut my eyes for a few mins while they both slept. Just as he fell asleep, RJ woke up and was distraught and feverish. He came into my bed to cuddle and watch a show, while I got up to start cleaning up after a weekend of houseguests and neglecting the order of the home. Laundry in, dishes done, toys away. It was time to head to the bank for some grown-up banking stuff, so a friend came by to watch the kids for half hour while I dashed out. I came back and they were both up from nap and ready to be entertained. Hubby came home and took out the dog wtih MJ, while RJ and I stayed home. RJ rested and I vacuumed the entire house and switched over laundry. Dan started making supper and the kids and I played robots until RJ wasn't feeling well and lay down to fall asleep again. We ate dinner, then more dishes, then outside to water the plants, and then RJ was up again for more medicine and juice. I tucked the boys all in with a movie while I finished tidying the house and washed the floors (bathroom and the sandy car will have to wait for another day). It is now 7:20 and I am finally sitting down for the first time to catch a breath. I am still in scrubby clothes, hair tied back in a ponytail. I didn't get a nap. I had 30 mins of swimming laps as "me-time" for today. My house is clean. My family is fed. My kids are loved. It is not glamorous. It brings me a deep sense of satisfaction. I am not looking for pity, or praise... simply telling you what being a mom sometimes feels like. This is mothering. 

And now to the multiple loads of laundry waiting to be folded...

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