Thursday, 29 June 2017

Welcome Summer!

Summer is here!  We have been waiting for a long time, and we are embracing it as best as we can!

This spring was unusually damp, cold and long.  Our west coast winters are usually wet enough, so by the time spring comes, we are are all longing for some sunshine and warmth.  We waited and waited and waited, and suddenly it is upon us.  Since it doesn't last long, I am trying to take advantage of every moment to make it a good one.

Our summer started off with our annual trip to see family, and this year we had an added bonus of a family wedding.  The boys were asked to be the ring bearers and oh how handsome they were!

Our vacation was fun, but busy busy busy!  Not only were we visiting both sides of our family, but we were travelling with 3-year old boys.  Every day was an adventure taking in every kid-friendly activity we could find.  It was a bit exhausting.

I am glad to be home for the rest of the summer so that we can chill and relax in the beauty of our backyard.  Speaking of backyards, our garden has been planted (twice, due to the cold weather and seeds not sprouting the first time) and we are just starting to harvest some of the greens.  Our yard is in major need of work, but that is a project for another day.  Right now we are too busy having fun. 

We are enjoying popsicles by the poolside in the backyard.

We are spending lots of time at the beach!  

We've been swimming in the lake and the ocean already.  And we even tried paddleboarding with the kids.

I had some helpers pick strawberries with me and we have made some pie and cake.  Jam is to come once the rest of the berries are ripe!  

We are shopping at the local markets and eating all the delicious vegetables produced nearby.

We are spending more time at the beach.

We are enjoying evening views of the mountains and sunsets from our deck.  I love it all.  Summer in the Comox Valley may just be my favorite thing.  

It's only the first week of summer, but I think it is shaping up pretty nicely, don't you? 
What's on your summer agenda?  

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