Friday, 10 March 2017

Spring Fever

We sure have a case of Spring Fever going on over here, like never before!

Let me start off and say that I love, love, love snow... but this year is getting a little extreme.  What I never realized about snow is that navigating icy streets with toddlers, and not being able to use a stroller when we don't have the car makes it TOUGH with two 3-year olds at home.  So, we have had to make our own fun!

The boys are involved in a couple activities in town.  Every week we go to Kindermusik and they love playing the instruments, singing, and dancing around.

We try to make it out to the elementary school for StrongStart a couple times a month.  The boys love going to school and are talking about when they will be big enough for preschool.  This week there was a make believe airplane and fire truck, which were a hit!

Other than that, we rely on playdates and lots of trips outside and to the park (whenever it's not covered in snow/ice).  With the coming of Spring, we have been spending time getting ready.

We went to our local seed sale and stocked up on things to plant in the garden.  The ladybug exhibit was a hit!

We are using craft time to decorate pictures with flowers and bugs and eggs for new life hatching.  We made our own permanent flower centerpiece for the table and it turned out quite beautiful!

We have an Easter Lenten tree and each morning (or there about) after our devotions we add more eggs to the tree.

The other day we took a walk through the woods and collected all the types of new life that we saw.  We brought them home and then made a display, naming each item to learn.  The boys loved this activity!  Anything hands on is great for them.

So, there you have it.  Yesterday it snowed yet again, so we are patiently waiting for that to melt/wash away, although the forecast for the week ahead is rain, rain, rain!  So glad we invested in a good pair of Hunter boots for the boys this season!  They have been well worth the money.

How are you biding your time until Spring arrives???

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