Thursday, 27 October 2016

October greetings!

Happy October greetings to you!

The summer has come and gone, and this Fall season has slammed as busy and full as ever!  I am finally sitting down and taking a breath after the past two busy months.

I attempted to start a post a few weeks ago called "An Un-Balanced Life" to let you know how we are not succeeding at living a balanced life amidst the chaos, but I wasn't able to finish it.  Go figure!  The truth is, this is a very full time in our families lives.  Did I tell you we have 7 people living in our house right now?  Yes, you read that right, SEVEN!  And two of them are just-turned-three-year-old-toddlers, who take every ounce of energy and focus to make it through the 12 hours they are awake. Add on top of that a husband who is the sole pastor of a church of nearly 200 people... 3 students who eat food three times a day and need to be driven and helped with homework and entertainment... an attempt to be healthy and switch over to a more "clean eating" lifestyle and add exercise into every day... and you have a recipe for a FULL day, every single day, every single week of the month!

There have been moments that have been awesome and some incredible memories made, and there have been day that are too busy and we are overwhelmed feel like chickens with our heads cut off trying to run around to get everything done (I say "we" to include my husband and myself trying to manage our lives)!  It really is anything but balanced right now.  I have a long way to go in learning how to let things go when things don't go according to plan and when I can't actually finish all the things that I deem as necessary to be done in day... I guess this has been my biggest challenge since I became a parent.

Yet we are learning.  I cut back to working just one day a week for the present time to be able to manage things.  We have worked hard to keep up healthy eating/exercise habits so that we can be at our best ability to handle all the things in our lives.  We have had the opportunity to go away to a conference (kid-free!) and to take our kids to visit their grandparents for a birthday celebration.  We've been to multiple pumpkin patches and had some grand hiking adventures.  It has been quite the fall already.

Now that the weather is turning I am looking forward to slowing down, to snuggling in, and to taking more time to read, write and hopefully knit again.  Evenings spent quietly by the fire just are the best! How about you?  What are you excited for this Fall?


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