Friday, 17 July 2015

Spring recap

Can it be true that so many months have passed since I have taken time to update this space?

I guess a busy life is a full life, and ours has been full in so many ways.  There is never a dull moment with toddler twin boys around, that much I know for sure.  Allow me to share some snippets of our time over the past few months... with a promise of more to come soon.

Easter is always a special time around here, and the holidays holds more significance since the birth of the twins.  We celebrated in style with shirts and ties all ready to go.

Shortly after Easter, the in-laws came for a visit.  More fun!

We went over to beautiful Quadra island for a retreat with our church and the boys became "camp babies" and had a blast.

In June, we loaded up our van to the brim, and set off for family vacation to visit the inlaws in the Okanagan Valley.  More photos to come once I can steal them from hubby's computer...

We spent the end of our vacation on a houseboat at Lonsdale Quay in Vancouver.  It was seriously fun (don't let their faces fool you)!
 RJ learned to say "Cheese" for the camera.

Both boys had some chill time, amidst the busy, busy, always moving stage.

And we got to meet my best friend's baby, who of course is going to be great pals with the boys.  It was awesome.  

And now, onto summer!  Thanks for checking in. 

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